About Us

PharmaMedSci represents companies that are at the forefront of innovation and technological progress. We provide state of the art and, in some cases, customized products to the pharmaceutical, life science, and medical care industries in Canada.

Quality equipment solutions covered are steam sterilizers, dry heat ovens, incubators, CO2 incubators, vacuum drying ovens and climatic chambers, cage/bottle washers, vial washers & fillers, isolators, bio-decontamination generators, depyrogenation ovens, animal care systems, ventilated workstations, x-ray imagining & irradiation, particle counters, and accessories to related manufacturing and research facilities.

PharmaMedSci is recognized in these various Canadian markets:

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Research
  • Bio-Technology
  • Bio-Defense
  • Life Sciences Research
  • Bio-Medical Research