Bio-Decontamination Services

  • Bio-decontamination Services

    • EBDS (Equipment Bio-Decontamination Service)
    • RBDS (Room Bio-Decontamination Service)
  • Bio-decontamination Service Features

    • Dual-loop technology for efficient cycles
    • Rapid return to normal operation (minimal downtime)
    • Even distribution of vapor using rotating nozzles
    • Advanced planning and set-up
    • No residue to clean up after decontamination
    • Efficient bio-decontamination process
    • Comprehensive documentation including preliminary and final RBDS reports
    • Professional team of Specialists
    • Can be used in areas with sensitive electronic equipment due to hydrogen peroxide vapor’s excellent material compatibility
    • Can bio-decontaminate rooms, laboratories and even entire facilities : 1,000,000+ ft3
    Aeration UnitsRBDSZ2

The Bioquell bio-decontamination service is a one-time or recurring solution for clients who don’t want a permanent solution or who need trained personnel to go through the bio-decontamination process.

PharmaMedSci provides two types of services:

EBDS (Equipment Bio-Decontamination Service) ideal for clients who wish to have their contaminated equipment bio-decontaminated using Bioquell’s patented Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV) technology.

RBDS (Room Bio-Decontamination Service) ideal for clients who wish to have a single room, a suite of laboratories or even a whole facility bio-decontaminated using Bioquell’s patented Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV) technology.

RBDS includes all necessary equipment, qualified specialists, consumables, and bio-decontamination verification with biological indicators (6-log Bacillus spore culture). In this way, we can efficiently bio-decontaminate any enclosure from a small store cupboard to an entire building or facility with minimal downtime and no residue.

Comprehensive documentation is provided to ensure that RBDS meets all your site requirements and regulatory inspections. This includes full biological indicator results, cycle parameters and data, layout of equipment, and biological indicator placement as well as calibration due dates for all RBDS equipment.


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Bioquell is the leading global supplier of bio-decontamination solutions. The company was formed 280 years ago in 1730, supplying plumbing and sanitation services and now have over 45 years of experience in building hydrogen peroxide vapor generators. Their unique Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV) technology has been used globally to eradicate problematic bacteria, viruses and fungi. Bioquell’s HPV process provides reside-free, safe and repeatable sterilizations of rooms, buildings and equipment for immediate occupation in minimal downtime.
Bioquell products are used in Life Science Research, Pharmaceutical production & testing, Health Care, Defence and Food Production, among other industries.

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