Laboratory Incubators

  • Laboratory Incubator Solutions

    • Incucell Natural Circulation
    • Incucell V Forced Air Incubators
    • Friocell Heating & Cooling
    • Climacell Heating, Cooling & Humidity
    • CO2Cell Incubators
  • Laboratory Incubator Features

    • User-friendly interface
    • Compact for space saving
    • Stainless Steel chambers
    • Interface for printer or PC communication
    • Microprocessor control with large LED readout
    • Advanced Microprocessor Temperature Control
    • Highly customizable in sizes and options
    • Working temperature range from 0°C – 99°C
    Inucell  natural circulation incubatorFriocell incubatorClimacell incubatorCo2 cell incubator

The Incucell natural circulation incubator line is designed for noise free operation, a homogeneous temperature profile, and low velocity air flow to minimize particle movement. The Forced air version of Incucell gives a better temperature distribution and minimizes energy consumption.

The Friocell and Climacell incubators differ in the fact that humidity control is only available in the Climacell. Both allow for precise temperature control and have very short recover times.

The CO2Cell incubators are operated with fine natural circulation convection of CO2 in an electrically heated chamber at high relative humidity and a preset gas concentration. The use of O2 and N2 is also an option.


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