Rodent Anesthesia

  • Rodent Anesthesia Systems

    • Auto Flow System
    • Classic System
    • Single Animal System

    Extra Options

    • Breathing Devices
    • Imaging Breathers
    • Induction Chambers
    • BioVac Chamber
    • Heating Devices
    • Vaporizer
    • Oxygen Regulation
    • Ventilator
    • Waste Gas Management
    • Workstations
    • Accessories
  • Rodent Anesthesia System Features

    • Easy setup and operation
    • Systems with multiple gas outputs allow simultaneous treatment of up to four animals
    • Maintainable level plane of anesthesia for several hours
    • Heated surgical beds and induction chamber
    • Reliable safety for personnel and animals
    Single Anesthesia SystemRodent Anesthesia BreatherBioVac ChambersVentilator

The Auto Flow System features an automatic five output manifold that does not require flowmeters.

The Classic System incorporates a manual five output manifold that includes a new flowmeter configuration that improves
upon the original E-Z Anesthesia design.

The Single Animal System offers an economical choice for single animal treatment.


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