Rodent Euthanasia

  • Rodent Euthanasia Systems

    • SMARTBOX Auto CO2
    • Manual CO2
    • Euthanex Lids
    • Regulators
    • Workstations
    • Accessories
  • Rodent Euthanasia System Features

    • Easy to use
    • Home Cage Treatment
    • Stress-free for animals
    • Time and cost efficient
    • Safe for personnel
    Euthanex Smartbox chamberManual CO2 for rodentsRack system

Euthanex has introduced the industry’s most advanced euthanasia systems designed for treating small rodents. These innovative systems offer a full range of automated control for humane euthanasia, combined with the highest standards of safety for personnel.

Whatever the capacity requirements, there is a SMARTBOX System that will exceed the requirements, ranging from single cage treatment to modular racks that accommodate up to 160 mouse cages or 32 rat cages.


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