Rodent Gait Analysis System

  • Rodent Gait Analysis System

    • DigiGait

    Data Includes:

    • Stride length
    • Stance width
    • Stance duration
    • Swing duration
    • Braking duration
    • Propulsion duration
    • Stride frequency
    • Paw Angle
  • Rodent Gait Analysis System Features

    • Gait dynamics in mice, rats, and guinea pigs
    • Treadmill and overground locomotion
    • Analysis of coordination
    • Walking and running
    • Horizontal and incline
    • Multiple speed
    DigiGait Rodent Gait Analysis Systems

DigiGaitTM was developed to image the ventral side of mice or rats as they walk on a motorized transparent treadmill belt. One high-speed camera captures the dynamics of the paws and corresponding limbs as they approach the belt during the braking phase of stance, or move away from the belt during the propulsion phase of stance just before the swing phase.

The DigiGaitTM system fully quantifies the stance and swing components of stride. Proprietary software automatically calculates stride length, stride duration, stride frequency, and numerous other spatial and temporal gait indices, for each limb. This novel system was initially invented (patents pending) by Mouse Specifics to identify mice with biomarkers of gait abnormalities. The application of this unique instrument has been extended to the study of a wide array of models, pathologies, and drug-induced ataxias.


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