Auto Watering Systems

  • Animal Watering Solutions

    • ReCIRC
    • L-2000TM Valve
    • Mini-Lixit Valves
    • Napa Nectar
    • Pin-Point Monitoring
  • Animal Watering Features

    • Continuous UV circulation
    • Fast Track installation
    • Reduces water usage
    • Reduces operating costs
    • Reduces life cycle costs
    • Continuous monitoring an option
    Auto Watering Recirc circuitWater nipValve assemblyAuto Watering Monitoring features

Systems Engineering`s ReCIRC is a continuous, 100% recirculating system, 24/7. RO Filtered and UV treated water purification system that meets the criteria for “Green Building” design.


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Systems Engineering have been supplying laboratory animal watering systems for over 40 years. They design systems that are easy to maintain and operate to maximize ease-of-use and reliability.

Their ReCIRC UV continuous circulating system, is a state-of-the-art proprietary system that operates 24/7 and eliminates the use of harmful chlorination.

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