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  • Dry Heat Sterilizer Features

    • Heavy-duty, fully welded structural steel frame
    • Exteriors constructed with 304L stainless steel with a #4 polish
    • Direct Drive circulation system
    • Custom trucks, trays and other transfer carts are available
    • Plate Steel floor
    Gruenberg dry heat closed container vivariumGruenberg open truck bulk vivarium sterilizerGruenberg Pod dry heat vivarium sterillizerGruenberg Dry heat cabinet vivarium sterilizer

Gruenberg Industrial Ovens are designed to accommodate temperatures up to 1500 Fahrenheit and are available in a variety of configurations to meet any thermal processing requirements.

TPS is focused on providing solutions that support the expansion of global infrastructure, with particular emphasis on the growing worldwide demand for energy and power.


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Thermal Product Solutions (TPS), a division of SPX Corporation, designs and manufactures industrial ovens, environmental simulation test chambers, heat treating ovens, non-ferrous melting ovens, and equipment for the photovoltaic and pharmaceutical industries. The TPS family of brands includes Tenney, Blue M, and Gruenberg.

Throughout the world, Gruenberg is recognized as a leader in the manufacture of industrial ovens including class 100 sterilizers, continuous process explosion-proof dryers, isolators and barrier systems, and a variety of thermal process systems for biotech, medical devices, and diagnostic products.

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