• Sanitation Solutions

    • Misting Tunnel
    • Pass-Through & Door
    • Wash-Off Labels
    • Custom Manufacturing
  • Sanitation Solution Features

    • Self-Contained
    • Portable
    • High quality stainless steel construction
    • Pass Through adaptability
    • Complete decontamination in 7 seconds vs. a 2 minute hand spray
    Front loading view of misting tunnelInside Misting Tunnel

All of the items fed through the Misting Tunnel receive a 360 degree fine mist of sanitizer providing complete decontamination in 7 seconds!

Labels and adhesive completely disintegrate in less than 30 seconds in any water temperature in the wash cycle, or can simply be wiped away with a wet sponge. Wash-Off Labels leave no residue on your equipment and no debris to clog up your drains.


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ViraTek, Inc. strives to find innovative solutions to everyday problems facing facilities. From their Frontline Misting Tunnels to their Wash Off Labels, ViraTek,Inc. makes protecting research easy.

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