Steam Sterilizers

  • Steam Sterilizer Solutions

    • Unisteri HP
    • Sterivap
    • Sterivap HP
  • Steam Sterilizer Solution Features

    • Health Canada Certification
    • Chamber, jacket and frame all in high-grade Stainless Steel
    • Large, color touch screen interface
    • Dual microprocessor control
    • Automatic motor-driven doors
    • Low operating and maintenance costs
    • Factory-trained local technicians are always on-call
    • Unlimited number of applicable programs
    • Built in printer and interface for PC connection
    • Highly customizable based on client’s needs.
    BMT Unisteri Steam SterilizerBMT Sterivap HP Steam SterilizerBMT Sterivap Steam Sterilizer

Steam sterilizers are widely used in the healthcare field to ensure the least risk of contamination. BMT has three different solutions that come in different sizes to meet the needs of the client.

The Unisteri is the most compact solution and is designed to effectively sterilize with speed, reliability and the highest level of sterilization safety. The Sterivap is designed for industrial labs and sterilizing lab equipment as well as liquids. The Sterilab is the largest sterilizer and is designed to exceed industry standards when it comes to Good Laboratory Practices


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BMT USA is a member of the MMM Group which is one of the world’s leading suppliers of process equipment. With over 60 years of experience, the group’s products have been in Pharmaceutical, Laboratory and Healthcare facilities around the world. BMT is the third largest sterilizer manufacturer world-wide.

BMT equipment is built to high standards of quality, reliability, innovation and efficiency to deliver the highest quality equipment on the Healthcare market.

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