Surgical Specimen Radiography System: BioVision

  • BioVision Features

    • Self-reimbursing with saved OR time
    • Large 10 cm x 15 cm camera and the ability to magnify up to 2X
    • No additional x-ray shielding is required
    • No specialized x-ray knowledge is needed to operate the device
    • Mobile with a small footprint to minimize intrusion in point of care environment
    • Keyboard with single, continuous surface for easy cleaning and disinfection
    • Plugs into any A/C outlet or operates stand-alone for over 3 hours on battery back-up
    • Images instantaneously displayed on a 22” high resolution monitor
    • DICOM compliant software with efficient access to modality work list and PACS store and print options
    • Ability to send multiple annotated images to PACS at the touch of a button
    • No re-calibration or restarting required after transport
    • Automatic calibration and self-diagnostic capability
    Faxitron Biovision

The BioVision provides immediate verification of excised breast tissue margins with the highest image quality. Saves time in the OR by allowing surgeons to x-ray the specimen intra-operatively. This reduces the time under anesthesia and minimizes the potential for re-excision. The image can be sent to radiology via PACS while the specimen is sent directly to radiology. The small, portable system can be easily moved from suite to suite without powering down due to its integrated battery backup.

Surgeons around the world utilize Faxitron systems in the operating room to reduce breast biopsy and lumpectomy procedure times and improve patient care. Our advanced digital imaging technology and intuitive software deliver optimal images the first time, every time, in less time, improving the workflow in the surgical suite.


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Faxitron Bioptics, LLC is the world’s largest and only fully integrated, dedicated cabinet x-ray company. With over 6,500 installations and systems in use at the leading hospitals and breast centers around the world. Each of the Top 10 Cancer Centers in the US own at least one Faxitron system and 90% have multiple systems.

Comprehensive support from Faxitron & PharmaMedSci ensures high-performance operation and superior cost-efficiency. Local factory-trained technicians are available for service and support, and Faxitron provides unlimited phone support.

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