Pathology Specimen Radiography System : PathVision

  • PathVision System Features

    • High resolution of up to 40+ lp/mm at 6X magnification
    • Magnification shelf with field of view guides and automatic position detection provides for up to 6X geometric magnification with accurate measurements at any level
    • No additional x-ray shielding is required
    • No specialized x-ray knowledge is needed to operate the device
    • Stainless steel inner chamber designed for easy cleaning and sterilization
    • Image processing software including peripheral equalization & calcification enhancement
    • Images instantaneously displayed on a 22” high resolution monitor
    • DICOM compliant software with efficient access to modality work list and PACS store and print options
    • Single click calibration with auto object detect allows for simple, error-free calibration
    Faxitron PathvisionFaxitron Pathvision + Computer

Designed with the imaging needs of the pathologist in mind, the PathVision has the largest field of view and highest resolution detector for pathology specimens on the market. This self-contained system can be placed on the lab bench top, giving the team immediate and routine access to high-resolution imaging. This improves lab workflow and results in faster report generation.

Large 23cm x 29cm CMOS detector accommodates a broad range of specimens without sacrificing the resolution required to identify the smallest micro-calcifications. The wide energy range from 10 – 100 kV, coupled with advanced Automatic Exposure Control, allows the system to optimally image breast tissue slices to intact mastectomies, bones, cardiac stents, with a single click of the mouse.


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