• Surgical Specimen Radiography: BioVision

    Intra-operative use for shorter procedures. Instantly image breast biopsy and lumpectomy specimens directly in the OR. PACS connectivity allows the surgeon and radiologist to view the image simultaneously to determine if additional tissue needs to be excised.

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  • Pathology Specimen Radiography: PathVision

    The compact size and relatively minimal cost of specimen radiography systems allow pathologists to place units in their labs. Immediate and routine access to high-resolution imaging results in fewer re-cuts and ultimately faster final report generation. In addition to breast specimens, applications include bone, bone decalcification, cardiac stents and many others.

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Faxitron Bioptics, LLC is the world’s largest and only fully integrated, dedicated cabinet x-ray company. With over 6,500 installations and systems in use at the leading hospitals and breast centers around the world. Each of the Top 10 Cancer Centers in the US own at least one Faxitron system and 90% have multiple systems.

Comprehensive support from Faxitron & PharmaMedSci ensures high-performance operation and superior cost-efficiency. Local factory-trained technicians are available for service and support, and Faxitron provides unlimited phone support.

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