CSSD Washer Disinfectors

  • CSSD Washer Disinfector Solutions

    • Standard cycle: DS 650-1000
    • Fast cycle: DS 800 3S, DS 1000 3S
    • Ultrasonic: US 1000
    • Multi Chamber Compartment: TW 3000
    • Systems and Automations: ATS automatic transfer system
    • Compact trolley washers
    • Drying and warming cabinets
    • Instrument drying cabinet
  • CSSD Washer Disinfector Solution Features

    • Steelcotronic Control System
    • Stainless Steel construction
    • High flow rate combined with effective spray pressure
    • Excellent insulation to reduce heat loss and power consumption
    • Multi-level washing optimizes load configuration and minimizes processing time
    • All models feature sloping base and rounded corners to ensure complete drainage
    • Automated/ Semi-automated systems available
    • High pressure mechanical action combined with thermal action for best washing/disinfecting results
    Steelco CSSD Washer Disinfector DS 650Steelco CSSD Washer Disinfector DS 900Steelco CSSD Washer Disinfector TW 3000Steelco CSSD automated Washer Disinfector SolutionSteelco CSSD automated Washer Disinfector Solution real exampleSteelco CSSD Washer Disinfector TrolleySteelco CSSD Washer Disinfector Bed pan washer

Steelco’s systems are designed to fulfill all customer expectations such as increasing staff productivity, saving time, water and energy consumption thus helping to create the basis for a long lasting satisfying experience.

Steelco can work closely with any customer to create an automated or semi-automated CSSD solution that would increase productivity in any hospital.


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Steelco was founded in 1995 and has been at the forefront of innovation and progress in the washer disinfector sector in the healthcare, laboratory and pharmaceutical industries.

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