• Isolator Solution Features

    • 316L stainless steel interior chamber
    • Changeable to positive or negative pressure
    • Ergoclean 10” gloveports
    • Ability to change HEPA filters via glove ports
    • Full view front with inflatable gasket, hinged openings
    • Mobile
    CAB walker barrier isolator

The CAB isolator can be used either under positive pressure or negative pressure. The full front window is opened to first place materials, samples, tools etc. for the process inside the isolator. After the window is closed and sealed, the blower system is activated creating the desired pressure inside the isolator. The isolator can be hand sanitized or decontaminated using a chemical generator for aseptic applications. If materials need to be entered or exited during processing, the single glove airlock may be employed. Use of this isolator may include testing, formulation, weighing, sampling, dispensing and other bench top type work. After use it can me manually cleaned. HEPA filters can be changed using the gloveports. The filters can be bagged inside the isolator for safe removal. The full front window is then opened for removal of materials and equipment.


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