Vial Washing Equipment

  • Vial Washing Equipment

    • RW-250 Rotary Vial Washer
    • RW-500 Rotary Vial Washer
    • RW-800 Rotary Vial Washer
    • RW-1150 Rotary Vial Washer
  • Vial Washing Equipment Features

    • Automatic/Semi-automatic
    • Range of 30-400 vials/min
    • Typical batch size range of 2,000- 25,000 vials
    • Recycling of WFI
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Low operating and maintenance costs
    • Servo Motor controlled
    • 5-20 minute changeover
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Minimal moving parts
    RW-250 Vial Washer PennTechRW-500 Vial Washer PennTechRW-800 Vial Washer PennTechRW-800 Infeed Vial Washer PennTech

PennTech’s rotary vial washers have the smallest footprint in the industry. They’re compact and ergonomically designed to improve efficiency and decrease down-time. They can be combined with other PennTech solutions to create a fully automated vial washer line solution.

As you move up from the RW-250 to the RW-1150, the machines become more efficient and better able to handle a larger input of vials.


PennTech Logo

PennTech Machinery Corporation was founded in 1992 as a manufacturer of vial washing and trayloading machines. Today PennTech is the only company in the United States to manufacture complete aseptic vial processing lines. Special emphasis is put on simplistic, yet robust design, adherence to cGMP guidelines, quality, not only of the machines but also of the supporting validation documents.

PennTech’s equipment has the smallest foot print which makes it easy to maintain and operate. Their design simplicity results in higher reliability and lower operating costs. In general, PennTech equipment is 30% less expensive than its competitors.

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