Environmental Test Chambers / Rooms

  • Environmental Test Chamber / Room Solutions

    • Benchtop Temperature and Humidity Test Chambers
    • Reach-in Temperature and Humidity Test Chambers
    • Walk In Temperature and Humidity Test Rooms
    • Altitude and Vacuum Test Chambers
    • Thermal Shock Test Chambers
    • Steady State, Stability and Shelf Life Test Chambers / Rooms
    • Thermal Vacuum Ovens
  • Environmental Test Chamber / Room Solution Features

    • Temperature Range: -75°C to 200°C*
    • Humidity Capability: 10% to 95% RH
    • Control: ±0.3°C
    • Uniformity: ±1.0°C
    • Smallest equipment footprint in the industry
    • Superior Heat Capacity (KW), Cooling Capacity (HP/BTU) and Air Flow Capacity (CFM) deliver the best temperature change rates and uniformity in the industry
    • Redundant user and equipment safety features are standard
    • Robust design delivers consistent, reliable, repeatable results that lead to higher productivity
    • Improved serviceability and reduced maintenance cost
    • Programmable controller – VersaTouchTM – is very intuitive – easy to set up and user-friendly
    • Constructed for long life and thermal integrity
    Tenney Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber (Small)Tenney Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber (Medium)Tenney Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber (Large)Tenney Temperature and Humidity Walk in test ChamberTenney Altitude test chamberTenney Vacuum Test ChamberThermal Shock Test ChamberSteady State Environmental Room

The Tenney product brand boasts one of the most comprehensive lines of environmental test chambers and rooms in the industry. Tenney Brand test chambers are ideally suited for the laboratory or any application where space constraints require a minimal footprint, can accommodate all your temperature, humidity, and altitude testing requirements. In addition, SPX Thermal Product Solutions manufactures custom and standard environmental rooms, shock and vibration chambers, environmental test chambers and offers global support and design assistance with your thermal processing applications.


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Thermal Product Solutions (TPS), a division of SPX Corporation, designs and manufactures industrial ovens, environmental simulation test chambers, heat treating ovens, non-ferrous melting ovens, and equipment for the photovoltaic and pharmaceutical industries. The TPS family of brands includes Tenney, Blue M, and Gruenberg.

Throughout the world, Gruenberg is recognized as a leader in the manufacture of industrial ovens including class 100 sterilizers, continuous process explosion-proof dryers, isolators and barrier systems, and a variety of thermal process systems for biotech, medical devices, and diagnostic products.

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