Downflow Booths

  • Downflow Booths Solutions

    • Downflow Containment Booths
    • High Containment Booths
    • Glassware Containment Booths
    • Process Equipment
    • Sealing Heads
    • Continuous Liner Discharge
    • Horizontal Laminar Flow Booths
    • X-Flow Booths
  • Downflow Booths Features

    • Low noise levels (<70dBA)
    • Various heights, widths and safe working depths are available
    • Guaranteed operator exposure levels of less than 100ug/m3 TWA, can be improved to 10ug/m3
    • Available in epoxy coated steel, 304 or 316L stainless steel or a combination of both
    • HEPA filtration systems with optional safe change filter housings
    Downflow BoothExample of facility with a downflow booth

The Extract Technology Booths are used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry to safeguard operators against harmful dusts generated during many manual powder handling operations. Clean air from the ceiling plenum is distributed evenly across the whole of the work area pushing any breathable dust generated downward and away from the operators breathing zone.


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