• Isolator Solutions

    • R&D Containment Isolator
    • Milling/Mixing/Reactor Isolator
    • Six Glove Sterility Testing Isolator
    • Filter/Tray Dryer Isolator
    • Sterility Testing Isolator
    • Half-suit Isolator
    • Aseptic Filling Machine Isolator
  • Isolator Features

    • Variable speed blower providing HEPA filtered air
    • Fully welded 316L stainless steel construction with radiused corners
    • Laminated safety glass viewing windows
    • Available PLC based controls system
    • Pass through system
    • Integration with BHP decontamination system or cleaning system
    • Ergonomically designed with “Ergoclean” gloveports or half-suits
    • Experienced staff of technical sales representatives
    3 Glove Isolator Walker Barrier Systems4 Glove Isolator Walker Barrier Systems6 Glove Isolator Walker Barrier Systems3 Sink Wash Isolator Walker Barrier Systems

The Walker Barrier Systems R&D Containment Isolator is designed for the containment of potent powdered compounds during various functions and process steps involved with injectable formulations and filling. Our experience with such projects would show that operator protection significantly below 1μ/m3 TWA can be achieved when defined SO’s are followed.

The Sterility Testing Isolator system provides a cost-effective alternative to the “multi-isolator” approach to sterility testing and is ideal for those customers with limited laboratory space whilst benefiting from the ability to provide rapid decontamination.

The Walker Barrier Systems small scale Filling Machine Isolator is designed to enclose the filling, stoppering and capping operations of a Powder or Liquid Filling Machine while providing an Aseptic environment for the process. Featuring unidirectional airflow, hinged “easy-lift” window panels and special “mouse hole” for the exit of filled vials.


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With over 55 years of experience in the design and fabrication of stainless steel equipment, Walker Barrier Systems develops world leading Containment and Isolation systems for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and nuclear industries.

All Walker Barrier Systems equipment are designed and manufactured in the United States by highly qualified craftsmen to ensure the highest product quality. Walker Stainless Equipment focuses on providing the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, and nuclear industries with a full range of high value, high quality product built to meet and exceed their customers’ most challenging applications.

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